Play Sift Heads 6 game.

Renegade assassins are always popular in flash games and one of the best can be seen in Sift Heads 6.

Sift Heads 6

Sift Heads is a game which rapidly grew in popularity and its creator managed to outdone himself every time he created a new version. This game is not based on visual effects, so we won't see any changes in that department when Sift Heads 6 will appear. The same stick figures have been kept for the entire series and this hasn't damaged the quality of the game. However, there will be some major game play improvements. Besides new weapons and features, a whole new set of missions is bound to appear. The last few versions of Sift Heads were pretty great, but you eventually get tired of playing the same level with the same goal. Now in Sift Heads 6, you will be able to play completely new missions and see if you can finish the game and get a high score. The saving feature is available and highly necessary because most people will have to play the game over a period of days. Sift Heads 6 continues the great series of games without any flaw thanks to the scenery behind it. The story of this game is very interesting, especially if you get to play the main character. Like always, you will probably have control over which missions to pick, at least in some of the cases.